With Killer Drinks, Be Sure To Drop By This Place When In Lower Parel!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dekh Tamasha, Tamasha ka- that’s how crazy this place is. It is located in Kamala mills which are a house for a lot of retro-bars. Tamasha is huge, seating abundance, elevated tables, comfortable and spacious seats, ornamented with a combination of goldish suspended lights and hanging mirrors from ceiling describes a bit of how the ambience looked like however the feeling can’t be expressed in words, it can only be felt. We could hear mild music throughout our visit. The songs aren’t so great by the way. One can do without it. All of the waitstaff are dressed well- our table was taken care of perfectly by Rahul. They do not have any branches yet.

Very excited after going through their menu, not sure what all to have, settled down with a couple of mocktails & cocktails. Best amongst the mocktails were Green Lust (it wasn’t green in colour)- It was a fine blend of mint leaves, cranberry juice, honey topped with banana foam & tooty fruity. I wonder why would they call it a green lust, anyways the drink was well made with a little on the sweeter side and red in appearance served in a Tamasha branded glass. Cannot choose which was better in cocktails so let’s talk about both of them. Foamintini was a vodka-based cocktail consisting of apple juice, elderflower syrup, mint and foam served in a cone-shaped glass placed on a round pot which had dry ice, mint leaves and lemon which was responsible for the smokiness around the drink. The taste was nearly similar to apple-flavoured vodka. Mango Sticky was again a vodka-based cocktail consisting of juices of mango and lime, vanilla syrup topped with chocolate flakes. This unimaginable cocktail was made to excellence.

Appetizers were appetizing just as much as the drinks were. The combination of Mexican and North Indian cuisine gives birth to something called Kadai Nachos (this dish is not in the menu). It was served in a pan with Nachos placed all over the sides and at the bottom over which you had the Kadai section consisting of rajma, paneer, jalapeno, salsa sauce and cheesy sauce. It was an admirable fusion dish to try. Talk about fancy and innovative dishes and this next dish can beat any other. It is called Jack Daniel Iinfused Dal Makhani Dekh Tamasha- It was literally as the name suggests. Dal makhani in a closed container served with baby garlic naan and a JD shot. The waitstaff then comes with a lighter, flames the shot and mixes it well with dal makhani and serves it. Excited right? it tasted so much better than a regular dal makhani. I can now proudly say that I have not just drunk alcohol but eaten it as well.

Desserts had quite a few options if compared to other resto-bars. The one I found better was Blueberry Cheesecake- it was a baked cheesecake topped with blueberry extract and a cashew chikki. It was extremely soft and juicy. I felt the blueberry extract should have been more in quantity since at one point we were left with just the cheesecake.

Other items ordered were Tandoori Florets, Spicy chicken and Chive Dim sum, Grilled Fish Fillet & Banoffee Caramel Tarts. All the dishes were offered well and almost of all of them tasted well. The washrooms here are in a darker shade, clean & hygienic. The service overall is swift and flawless. I found it a little posh considering everything that goes into the pricing but I feel the ambience covers for it. Worth visiting this place for drinks if not for everything else.

Best for lovers of:
The ambience, Fancy drinks, well-presented food, Nightlife

-Green lust
-Mango sticky
-Kadai nachos
-Jack Daniel Infused Dal Makhani Dekh Tamasha

Unimaginable varieties of drinks
Feel of the place

What Could Be Better?

-Not so great music

How Much Did It Cost?


Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae.