Drop In At This Beautiful Farmhouse In The Blissfull Locales Of Dahanu

Shetty Farms

What Makes It Awesome?

Shetty Farms: A beautiful Farmhouse property located in the blissful locales of Dahanu. A 70-acre property which houses a lot of things. The Farmhouse has 3 big Master Bedrooms with a capacity of 12 to 18 people according to our requirements. They have a big Swimming Pool, Projector in the Hall room. A nice Kitchen area too. We had a great time enjoying the Pool. Food is great. They serve all meals including High Tea. The best part was Kanda Bhajjiya in these Rains. They also have Boating, Rain Dance in their property. We did boating for some time and then wandered along with the property. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit Shetty Farms.

How Much Did It Cost?


Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids

Shetty Farms