Experience An Wonderful Evening With Amazing Delicacies At Bayroute

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What Makes It Awesome?

An insight into the vast varieties in the Mid-Eastern cuisine with a luxurious dining experience is something that you can enjoy at Bayroute. This place kind of food they offer you to taste is just excellent.

Bayroute is located at the Good Ole part of South Bombay, Cuffe Parade. The place has a two-floor seating with a superb luxurious ambience which provides an amazing fine dine experience. Interiors decorated with Egyptian and Other Middle Eastern structures with dim light gives this place some really good romantic vibes.

This place has all that you can get in the Mid-Eastern Cuisine which includes the Egyptian, Arab, Turkish, Greek Food. They serve you everything right from the Dips to be had Pita Bread to the Desserts which are very much exceptional.

Kicking off my dinner here with a few drinks. I went to have the Classic Sangria from this place which provides a great taste when you sip onto this while having your food here.

In the food, I started off with having their Signature Hummus dish which is
Hummus Bayroute which is one of the best Hummus I have had here. It's rich and creamy, the blend of Labneh in this gives a delicious flavour of garlic which is controlled very well from overpowering. The mix of Pine Nuts gives a great taste to this. This taste of truly comforting and is a must have at this place!

Muhammara which is a hot pepper dish which was another great dish I had here after their Signature Hummus. This is generally known as a hot pepper dish, here this was made out of bell peppers with a Mix of walnuts into it which gave an amazing nutty flavour with the lemon juice blended right in with it and topped off with pomegranate. The sourish spicy flavour of this was wonderful and utterly delicious to taste.

The HUMMUS BAYROUTE and MUHAMMARA are the must-have dishes from this place. The comforting flavour from this is extremely satisfying.

In this Starters here I had the Kebab Joojeh which is Chicken dish marinated with Spiced and Yogurt to provide this a creamy texture which is then roasted till tender to provide a juicy appetizing flavour to the chicken. It's an extremely well-cooked dish and is really delicious to taste.

The Main Course here I found to be quite simple than the awesome dishes I had in my starters.

The Bayroute Manakeesh: Manakeesh is a flatbread topped with mentioned topping which is either savoury or sweet. In this there were four different individual toppings, Za'atar a mid-eastern herb which has appetizing flavour, its mixed with sour cream to get this a creamy texture, Sebze which is a type of Labneh topped with jalapeños and Bell Pepper slices for it to get a spicy sourish taste, Harissa which is a hot chilli pepper paste this is plainly applied over the bread making it spicy enough (I didn't like the spiciness much but I'm sure someone who loves spicy food will love it) and Nutella Hazelnut to provide as a sweet end. This appears to be quite exciting but I found this to be quite simple. The flavours they provide in this are quite good and the

Proceeding with The Lavash Crust Chicken Kabsa which the Indians would love to relate as Biryani. It consists of a really flavourful Rice cooked with spices of appetizing flavour. The rice is infused with the flavours of Ghee and Saffron along with cashew nuts to give a great taste. The marination of the chicken in done really well making it juicy and tender to give a delicious taste. This is enclosed in the crust which is broken and serve on tableside giving a good presentation. This really is something amazing to have here.

Finally coming down to the Desserts here. There was just one thing I craved to have here with this place serving great Mid-Eastern food, THE Baklava. It is a very famous Mid Eastern Dessert pastry which has a layer of assorted chopped nuts which are sweetened with Honey and Sweet Syrup. It's is a really delicious dish to be had and this place just nailed it. The served the slice of baklava and topped it with Rose Petals which are frozen in liquid nitrogen and provide an excellent presentation to this, it's an eye-catching dish and will surely end your meal with happiness. This is another must-have dish from this place.

The food here obviously is really good with its beautiful varieties they serve you. The service is this place is equally amazing. Kirtan was my server of the evening and provided me with great choices to taste and made my dinner amazing.

What Could Be Better?

There is absolutely nothing which is there here that has gone wrong in anyways, everything here was beautiful as it should be from the food till service everything was on point

How Much Did It Cost?

₹,1000 - ₹3,000

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Family, Big Group, Bae