Aquaphiles, This Villa Built On A Pond In Karjat Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Aarambh - Kajrat


Aarambh is a beautiful 3BHK villa built over a pool and situated in Karjat, not too far away from Mumbai. Head here to see what an aquaphile really dreams about.

What Makes It Awesome

Built on an artificial pool which is located in the midst of 5 acres of absolute greenery, Aarambh is a luxurious 3BHK getaway for when you miss the water. The villa can easily accommodate up to 15 people, so it is perfect if you're looking for a unique getaway option with your friends or colleagues. 

The living room is huge, spacious and very welcoming. The furniture pieces have a very antique charm to them are straight out of a Pinterest board and is definitely a paradise for art lovers. The villa also boasts of three bedrooms that are spacious yet cozy and let us warn you- once you're tucked in, you just won't feel like stepping out as much as nature awaits you outside (isn't that the dream?) The bedrooms are up-to-date with all the modern facilities that will not let you miss your room back home through your stay at this ethereal piece of architecture. The kitchen is accessible to use and is fully functional too, with a refrigerator, utensils and a microwave, so you don't have to keep the munchies away! And guess what, your meals are all included in the package that you choose. Pretty (and) awesome, isn't it?


Someone wise once said that the grass is greener on the other side, but we'd like to think otherwise. Head here soon to enjoy a beautiful tete-a-tete with nature.

Aarambh - Kajrat