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Pet Parents, Here's How To Keep Your Pets Happy While Socially Isolating!

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You know when you’re typing away furiously at your keyboard while you work from home, and you feel a presence? And then the presence walks towards you and nudges you with their soft muzzle and whimpers just a little because they’re so, so bored? The home lockdown that we’re all currently undergoing is a particularly tough time for pets, especially doggos! While cats may be happy you’re now at home all day, you’ve gotta make sure they’ve got things to do, either way. Read on!

Good Ol' Running Around The Home

Guys, we’re going to be in this for a while. Rearrange your furniture, make space, and deep clean the areas that were covered by your sofas/seaters. Let the furbabies have more space than usual to run around and play, and laze about when they feel like it. They’ll appreciate you for it.

DIY Cat Hammocks and Dog Toys

It’s only a matter of time before all of us succumb to doing elaborate AF DIYs. So you might as well do something special for them, no? For the cattos, you could make a DIY Cat Hammock (they lose those!) or a lil Kitty Teepee (a tent, basically) . Or just take your pick from these.

For doggos, try the super-easy Braided tee-shirt toy, a dog bed, or a cool hat, because why not? There's more here.

Mentally Stimulating Games

For cattos, use your DIY wands and treats, and use the feathery bits of the wand to mimic the movements of prey. Or, try others - they’ll love these, especially the games that involve boxes!

For doggos, things need to be a little more space-centric. Create a makeshift obstacle race in your living room, and make your doggo work for treats. Play tug of war, hide and seek, and teach them new commands. Get more info here.

Bonding Exercises

Sometimes, your pet will love one member of the family a lot more than the rest. Unfair as it is, it’s often the result of a relationship that seems strained in the pet’s eyes. This is a great time to figure out if you pet has been feeling a certain way about a particular member of the family, and try to work through those issues. Moreover, they will definitely be feeling the stress that you're feeling as a result of present-day scenarios.

All animals respond well to bonding via playing, but here’s what you can do for dogs and cats