Add A Tinge Of Heritage To Your Abode With Asian Paints Royale Play Taana Baana


    Indian handicrafts have such an old world charm, don’t they? Whether it's the intricate bandhej design or the gorgeous ikkat work on a saree, they speak volumes about the rich heritage and culture of our country. Which is why, taking inspiration from these lovely Fabrics and weaves, Asian Paints has launched their new collection of Royale Play Taana Baana. And this has opened a whole new world in home décor for us!

    Taana Baana means the warp and weft which are basic components of weaving and the idea is to bring India’s ancient handicraft traditions to modern homes. This collection has eight beautiful wall textures (inspired from different parts of India) that can be customised in different colours and are brought to us through various tools and extensively trained artists. It instantly gives a royal, classic touch to your home. Here’s what the exclusive collection includes:

    Add The Rustic Look With Charpai Texture

    The Rustic Look With Charpai Texture

    This texture is inspired by the cosy, comfy, old-school, woven charpoys found across North India in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Thanks to this new collection by Asian Paints, you can now bring this rustic earthy feel to your favourite room. Their artisans use meticulous brushstrokes and beautiful bright colours, to create the effect of a woven cloth on your walls.

    Throw In The Palm Weave Texture For Tropical Vibes

    The Palm Weave Texture

    Picture this: Sipping a cocktail and enjoying a gorgeous sunset on a beach. Sounds dreamy, right? While you might not be able to actually hit the coast anytime soon, looking at the diagonal weaves of palm leaves on your wall, you can definitely soak in the vibes right from the comfort of your home. The intricate designs of the Palm Weave texture are inspired by Goa and Kerala and once they are on your wall, they will take your interiors to a whole different level.

    Make It Artsy. Make It Bandhej

    If you’re someone who loves adding that artistic vibe to your walls, we suggest Bandhej. Inspired by the classic tie and dye technique, this texture will bring all the feels of Rajasthan and Gujarat, right in your living room (or bed-room). Comprising earthy neutrals and bright colours, Bandhej is a bright texture that will definitely revive your space.

    Add A Touch Of Countryside With The Basket Texture

    The Basket Texture

    A multipurpose basket made from woven bamboo is sure to stay. Thanks to this gorgeous Basket texture you can now add a touch of the good ‘ol countryside to your city homes. Good folks at Asian Paints will curate the texture of those natural fibres and symmetry of woven baskets with rollers and special effect brushes. This texture is inspired by the North Eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim.

    Checkered Walls? Hell Yeah!

    Checkered Walls

    Remember that good ‘ol checkered design on handkerchiefs? Ever thought of having that on your walls? Inspired by the southern states of India like Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, the Madras Checks texture will make your interiors bold and dramatic. Available in an array of complementary colours, with criss-crossed lines, this texture is created carefully with a special roller.

    Give Your Walls A Royal Revamp With Ikkat Texture

    This particular pattern needs no introduction. And if you have a big single wall in your living room that needs that royal touch, we suggest the aesthetic Ikkat texture. Brought from the states of Andhra Pradesh & Orissa, this intricate work on silk or cotton speaks volumes about the hard work that goes into it. Imagine having this texture on your wall next to some classic home accents, isn’t that something you’d wanna show off to your guests!

    Make It Dramatic With The Pom-Pom Texture

    The Pom-Pom Texture

    Looking to give a whimsical touch to your room? We suggest the pom-pom texture. Don’t we all just love how these colourful fuzzy balls add that much needed quirk to our woolens and ethnic wear. Inspired from the northern hilly states of Himachal & Jammu and Kashmir, this texture will add a touch of drama & beautify your interiors. The effect is achieved by stamping a designed inflatable tool over wet paint.

    Regal = Tussar Texture

    Want a royal and sophisticated look for your living room? Taana Baana’s Tussar is just what you need! Inspired by the eastern states of India like West Bengal and Bihar, this texture will transform your sweet home into a stylish & graceful abode. This effect is done by skillfully creating a wave of silk with a single brush stroke!


    Don’t apply these textures on surfaces that are subjected to continuous seepage or dampness. And in case you lil ones end up staining your beautiful walls, fret not, you can easily remove them using a sponge and a mild soap solution. Make sure to ensure a drying time of at least 2 weeks before cleaning. 

    Now that you know what this collection is all about, we’re sure you are inspired to decorate your lovely abode. Visit the dealer store for suggestions from their experts or simply get yourself registered through their helpline number (18002095678) and avail their Safe Painting Service.