This Decor Store In Fort Preserves Rare And Unique Artefacts From Europe

    What Makes It Awesome

    An art collector? An admirer of artefacts and souvenirs? Or, a fan of history and culture? Here’s a store that reeks of opulence and luxury. Called Art And Crafts, they have a treasure from countries like Italy and France which is known for historic monuments and culture. The owner claims that his store houses some of the most unique and nowhere-to-be-found artefacts and accents. From the aesthetic dancing Natraj showpiece to a rare Ravana statute – these collectables come with a heavy price tag. For instance, the owner showed us a pretty accent of a lady wearing a unique black pearl necklace which was worth INR 40 lakh. He pointed out to another artefact which was over 100 years old. And right next to it was a collectable from Italy whose value is worth $2,800 (approximately 2 lakhs). Well, they even buy rare and unique artefacts, historic statues and vases. So, if you have an antique that you want to sell, this store is one option. You might get a great resale value for it. Looking at the price tag, one thing’s for sure, this store is not for casual window shopping. It specifically targets a niche audience who are art collectors. However, we’d say you drop by the store, you never know you might find something amazing for your home (hopefully, within your budget).

    How Much Did It Cost