College Students, Save This List Of Brokers Who Will Help You Find An Affordable PG Accommodation



    Whether you’ve just joined college or now consider yourself a veteran third-year, looking for the right place to stay is one subject they never do teach in college. To make your life a little bit simpler, away-from-home students, we have made a {short} list of go-to brokers who’ll help you find a PG accommodation or even a flat in your budget across Mumbai.


    Part of the Ruia, Poddar or SIES circle of colleges? Abhishek is a realtor who will help you find a PG accommodation, no matter your budget. He covers the areas Sion, Everad Nagar and Chunabhatti, and can find several options for PGs here. If your budget is on the lower end, then a shared room option will be shown, and for higher {INR 15,000–20,000}, he can arrange for even a 1RK.

    Budget: INR 5,000–15,000

    Areas: Sion, Everad Nagar, Chunabhatti

    Contact: +91 9324797914


    Dominic is your go-to person if you’re looking for a slightly higher budget place to stay near your college. He covers areas between Bandra–Andheri, and specialises in finding more comfortable, luxurious stays- be it a PG with a full room to yourself or a small apartment. Meals may or may not be included, depending on the PG.

    Budget: INR 15,000–25,000

    Areas: Bandra–Andheri

    Contact: +91 8097424240


    Looking for a place in Andheri, Malad, Borivali, Bandra? Don’t worry. Yashwant is a broker who’ll find you something within your budget in all these areas and beyond. We hear he is quite accommodating, and will sort you out if you have a budget of INR 8,000 or of INR 25,000. Yeah, he covers both the sides of the spectrum. He can look for both sharing and individual room PGs, although a lot of it has to do with the location. Meals are mostly included in the same.

    Budget: INR 7,000 upwards

    Areas: Bandra–Kandivali

    Contact: +91 9819815631


    Students looking to stay in Colaba, look no further than Bakhtavar Joshi. She’s a real estate agent who will help you find the perfect pad for you and your college friends. Although she finds the concept of PGs outdated, if you have to stay in one, she would be able to find a room-sharing or house-sharing with landlord, as well as independent 1BHKs which three people can stay in and split the rent.

    Budget: INR 20,000–25,000 upwards for a PG; approx INR 60,000 for a 1BHK

    Areas: Colaba

    Contact: +91 9820296525

    Vile Parle–Juhu

    Sunil Sonkar, a broker in Mumbai specialises in finding PGs for students near colleges. He can find you anything from an individual room, or sharing {single or more}. These PGs don’t have meals included necessarily, and the more number of people are sharing the room, the better deal he can get from the owner.

    Budget: INR 8000–25,0000

    Areas: Vile Parle, Juhu, Andheri

    Contact: +91 9820274699

    Disclaimer: These are brokers recommended personally from people around us, but we are certain there are plenty more. Try this list out, and happy house hunting!