What A Deal: Travel Between Cities With AHA Taxis At Just INR 10 Per Km


AHA Taxis provides cabs between various cities in India at prices that don’t pinch. Bookmark them for all upcoming road trips.

Door To Door

If waking up at sunrise and running to the railway station dragging boriya bistar as you try to match the train’s speed as it fades away into the distance is your worst nightmare, you may want to look for an alternative. You could drive yourself to that chalet in the hills or if you want to be really carefree, book a taxi.

AHA Taxis collects you and your travel companions from your doorstep and drops you off to your exact destination. So you’re free to sleep all the way, get your work done on the go, or even eat, drink and make merry.

In Case Size Matters To You...

The peeps at AHA offer a bunch of cars, ranging from the smaller ones {Indica and Santro} to medium ones {Indigo, Dzire etc} to the bigger Xylos and Innovas. So whether you’re flying solo or moving in large groups a la Brady Bunch, we’re sure they can figure out a suitable vehicle for you.

Most of the drivers have GPS and hence finding your hidden getaway shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

You can book your taxi up to six months in advance and pay online or in cash. Get packing?

Where: Book online here

Contact: +91 8010021822

Price: Starting at INR 10 per km

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