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This Charming Bnb In Lonavala Is Perfect For The Summer Break

    What Makes It Awesome

    We found a cute little house for you and your friends to stay at on your next weekend getaway to Lonavala. This is something unique: a glass house with Moroccan accents, Shanti Sharda Oasis is the ultimate Airbnb to have a fun, quality time together. The property is very comforting and cozy, with a barbeque grill and a lush green lawn which is adored by pets. They also have a small bar area (belly up ladies!) and 2 beautiful bedrooms styled with care. If you like to read at night, they have a comfortable spot made up on their balcony for you to relax and sleep in the outdoors. What every resident loved about the place however, was the massage chair. Get real comfortable with this rare addition, which will make any boring trip a lot better. The host Tanya is also extremely gracious when it comes to help, and provides a file with a list of places you might want to eat out at. The bnb is close to the highway and near the Lonavala market, so you can reach quickly while also not having to travel during your getaway.

    What You Get: A parking space, 2 comfortable bedrooms, access to the kitchen and BBQ, a gorgeous patio and balcony to hang out at, an outdoor bar, TV and a massage chair. The host also allows for parties, so go have a wild weekend, because you deserve it!

    What You Pay: For just INR 5,525 a night, this hidden gem is pretty affordable, as the price comes down to INR 920 per person. How To Reach: The property is located very close to the main road and the express highway. Tanya  shares the exact location once the booking is done.


    This house will make you feel calm and at ease, so we'd recommend you to carry that novel you've always wanted to finish.