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Do You Also Want All These Readymade Kalamkari Blouses?

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    Ajio is our our latest love. While a lot of the good stuff deserves appreciation here, we’ll stick to what’s in our cart for now – the sassy kalamkari print blouses.

    What Makes It Awesome

    We know people who don’t like Chinese collars and those who detest anything without sleeves, but every fusspot can find something that fits their requirement thanks to the sheer variety at Ajio’s indie section.

    If we could, we’d not stop at one because how can you even say no to this adorable yellow-blue cotton handwoven beauty or this block-printed one with a sexy back?

    The best part: You’ll have so many occasions to flaunt these. Think film screenings, wine and cheese evenings, school functions or random #sari pacts where you wanna sexy adult.

    Starting at INR 1,390, these blouses-cum-crop tops don’t exactly cost peanuts but they’ll save trips to fabric shops and excruciating explanations to neighbourhood tailors.


    The designs and colours are versatile enough to go with a lot of long skirts and sarees in our summer wardrobe. Economising is our second nature, you see.

      Available Online