Sun, Sand & Sea: Camp On A Private Beach In Alibaug For Only INR 1650

What Is It?

A new travel company, Breathing View, takes sets up campsites on some of the most scenic locales in Maharastra. One of the most exciting camps that they have is set up on a private section of the Revdanda beach in Alibaug {some of their campsites in Maharashtra are the Lonavala Pawna lake}.

How Do I Get There?

If you choose to go to the Alibaug beach, then you can take a ferry ride from Gateway of India and on reaching Alibaug, it would take you 40 mins by a rickshaw to reach the property.

What Is Unique About It?

First and foremost, the camp is set up on a beautiful private beach in Alibaug, right on the sands. They set up comfortable tents with gaddas, have proper loos and food arranged. The P.O.A is usually such – you get there by about 4pm on Saturday, settle in, enjoy the sunset. They provide with a barbecue grill and a bonfire at night, and when there are events organised by them, there’s even a guitarist.

The cost is only INR 1650 per person per night, and includes the cost of everything besides how you get to the campsite and back.


Anything Else?

You can either join in on one of their organised group events or even just choose one of the weekends to make a trip. You need to be a group of at least five to six people for a private event and the details remain the same for that. They’ll arrange the tents, the food, the bonfire and a music system {no guitarist for private events}.

Just take off on any of the weekends, and wake up in a tent with view. Seriously, what’re you waiting for? Check out their Facebook page here and contact them on

You can also give Mariette a call on +91 7506047304 or Vivek on +91 9004566544