We Love This Gorgeous Alibaug Home-Stay With Its Very Own Infinity Pool


    Has this busy month got you feeling the blues? Wash it all away at Firefly, this unbelievably gorgeous home-stay in Alibaug, with three cottages and an infinity pool as well!

    Why You Should Go

    Firefly gained much popularity over the past few years as one of the most beautiful places to go for a mini vacation outside of Mumbai, but the standard only kept getting higher. The rooms are five, with place inside three cottages which go by the names of the Poolside cottage, the Gatekeeper cottage and the Glass cottage. There is an infinity pool with a view to die for, as it overlooks the valley and the Revdanda river.

    You have plenty of ways to spend time here, as there is a huge library, TV, a PS3 {with games}, but the barbecue next to the pool is what steals the show for us. If you visit some time in December or January, you could also use the open wood fireplace to warm yourselves up next to the pool.

    It is a completely pet-friendly property, and they have got their own little paws tottering around the house too, including Skylar, their half-breed pet.

    #LBBTip: It’s best to go grocery shopping and carry them to the resort and ingredients aren’t very easily available there. Also, go and grab the glass cottage for yourself if you can. It’s supposed to have the best view.

    So, We’re Saying…

    The villa is the place set on top of a hill, reminiscent of something you’d read in your books. Although it’s a splurge, find a group of 10 people {that’s the maximum}, and you will definitely find it more than worth it.

    Book here on Airbnb. The cost is INR 27,532 a night for 10 people. Minimum stay is two nights, so the cost would be divided and be about INR 5,500 a person in total for two nights.