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Alible Meaning: Physical and Mental Nourishment through Nutrition

What Makes It Awesome?

In India, health vis-a-vis food is usually a matter of extremity. Some resort to different types of diets, which, at most times, are difficult to sustain. Some choose to be on the other end - eating to only suffice cravings without considering the nutritional intake. While we learnt the importance of wholesome and balanced eating habits during school, we are not sure how many of us have been able to follow it!

To prevent us from being lopsided over either of these extremities, the founders at Alible decided to balance the two worlds. They came up with a sustainable, wholesome nutritious meal plan option for those who want to eat healthily and suffice their cravings at the same time. That is where; they set their goals to imbibe a culture of consuming wholesome Nutri-meals and started Alible.

All set to achieve their vision, Alible delivers the convenience of consuming wholesome nutritious and healthy meals at your doorstep on a subscription basis. An Alible meal consists of a significant amount of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and fibres making it a wholesome nutritious meal.

In today's fast-paced city life, while we desire to nourish ourselves with wholesome nutritious meals, we are often pressed for time to explore, decide, shop and cook the desired nutritious meal. At Alible, we believe, staying fit doesn't need you to be on a diet. If you’ve been struggling to get on a healthy meal plan, we've got you covered.