This Hidden Cafe-Cum-Decor Store Is Mumbai's Best Kept Secret

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What Makes It Awesome

Mumbai is full of surprises, and walking down the beautiful bylanes of Khar, we stumbled upon the most stunning and hidden cafe. Called All Elements, this cozy cafe is nestled in the lane next to the popular Sheetal Bukhara, and is so easy to miss, that we bet you’ve walked by it before and not seen it. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with us (and won’t be with you anymore , too). We were lured in by its tastefully done exteriors and outdoor seating, and as we set foot inside, we were transported to a whole new world.

It’s hard to not fall in love with this cafe-cum-decor store owned by Jimmy Chadha and his wife Ravppreet, who is also the brain behind its gorgeous interiors. Gudiya, as she’s fondly called, has no formal training in interior designing, but has an eye for spotting the most beautiful artefacts, and in most cases, even making them herself. Her passion has led her to hoarding onto some creatively made decor items, such as a wine holder made out of a sewing machine, door holders and mirror frames made of branches (which she literally picked up from the streets) and wooden paper weights fitted with beautiful wooden birds.

With an ambience as appealing as this, it’s almost as if you’re invited to someone’s house for a lazy lunch, an evening coffee, or an intimate dinner. And mind you, this cafe’s culinary delights will, like the strong breeze, blow your mind. We settled for their Jalapeno Poppers and Fish Fingers for starters, followed by the sinfully good Mustard Fish for the mains. We obviously couldn’t stop at that, so we went ahead and got ourselves a delicious serving of Aragula Salad with Feta. Once again, we weren’t disappointed with this preparation, and thought it complemented the rest of the food well.

If you’re the healthy sort, there’s no stopping you here. From filling soups and salads, to indulgent smoothies, everything on the menu is served with plenty of love and spoonfuls of health. Our favourite fig and almond smoothie is a meal by itself, and we cannot help but order it every single time.

The cafe also serves coffees and cakes from our go-to Kala Ghoda Cafe- so everyone living this side, no more travelling to SoBo for that aromatic, freshly brewed coffee. The almond cake is a must-try, in our opinion. Health freaks, there’s also MO Kaffir served here, so choose from those million options.


Our biggest takeaway from this cafe has to be the fact that it suits all ages and all moods. Go here for breakfast, lunch or dinner; go here for a coffee date or go here for a baby’s day out with your little ones (they have a Maggi Masti menu too, buddies).

We love the fact that the cafe let’s you buy all the beautiful things you set your eyes on, and promotes local artists, making it so much more than just a meal. The food is well priced, as are the products, so there’s no reason for you to not go crazy.

Oh, Mumbai, you’re such a good keeper of secrets. But we’re so glad we busted open one of your most precious.