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This Andheri Ice Cream Outlet Is Definitely Winning Hearts!

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What Makes It Awesome?

This is not the first time I visited TIB (The Ice-cream Bakery). I have been here numerous times since its inception. I wish I had all the pictures of all the times I have been here. I would have had hundreds of pictures. I love this place so much so that when I am around, I go nowhere but to TIB for desserts. They are a small outlet located at the Versova junction and served phenomenal desserts.

The staff is super talented and quick. At our most recent visit, we were attended by Manager - Satish and the support staff were Bharat and Nitish. The support staff were super quick the manager had a solid grasp over the skills needed to decorate the desserts and cakes. Most of the presentation you will see in the pictures are done by him. Some of the items you should try here are Chocolate Ice-creams, Ice Cream Strawberry, Milky Way, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream & Brownie.


Let's discuss all that we had at TIB. The first one that we tried is called NEW YORKERS. It is called so because it is made by squashing the New York cheesecake along with the secret mixture which is milk like in appearance. Here they take a piece of cheesecake and mix it with the milk like mixture and blend it into a scoop of this super soft and cheesy ice-cream. It is must try for the cheesecake lovers.

Another one is called a type of shooter which is their term for multi-layered ice-cream mousse. The dessert was called - GLOSSY CHOCOLATE SHOOTER. Here you get a multi-layered ice-cream mouse which involves layers of liquidy chocolate ice-cream, dark chocolate ganache and powdered brownie. The layers looked and tasted scrumptious.

Addition to the taste, the way Bharat was setting up the layers was fascinating. The liquidy chocolate was so chocolaty that you feel like you are having melted cold chocolate. Next up was a sundae called DARK NIGHT SUNDAE. Satish almost completely prepared this. This sundae is served in a Martini glass and includes two dark chocolate scoops, Nutella biscuit powder, Butterscotch Crunch, Oreo biscuit powder, Bourbon biscuit, Chocolate sticks and whip cream.

Are you tired of reading the ingredients of the Sundae? Let me tell you I have not mentioned the rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce added to the dessert at the end. It is a wholesome dessert and made to be shared and so we did. All the contents were added perfectly and decorated beautifully. You should give it a try to see how good of a sundae it is. It is worth the price.

After having so much of chocolate we wanted to have something fruity and what better than Strawberry in this season could satisfy our cravings? We ordered strawberry in scoop; it was made life as they do for almost everything. The taste was perfectly berries. The conclusion was extremely satisfying. The only recommendation could be to make the ambience and seating a little organized. Rest all is perfect.


Cuisines served: Ice Cream, Desserts

Best for lovers of:
Natural ice-cream, ice-cream cakes

Variety in menu
No Tax

Glossy chocolate shooter
Night sundae
Strawberry (scoop)

What Could Be Better?

Ambience can be better

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids