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Alphabet Pillows FTW: Gifting Just Got Way Easier With Stuffies

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Let's face it - a stuffed toy isn't just always for kids. Take me for example, every time I head out to a toy store to pick out a gift for my nephews or nieces, I end up picking a plushie because, well. Just because. I don't have a reason. I just collect them. 

    So, when I came across this brand called Stuffies, I had to check it out and came across their alphabet pillows. These are basically ultra-soft plush semi-handcrafted toys made out of faux fur and come in a variety of colours and patterns. The first type is a plan faux fur plushie which can be customised to have your child's name (or hey, even yours!) on it and comes in soothing colours like baby pink, light grey and mouse brown. 

    The second type is the printed customised stuffed letter pillow that comes in a gorgeous galaxy print. Okay, if you're setting up your kid's room and are looking for wall decor inspo, these will look great hung up by a thick rope. 

    Now, these pillows are washable and basically suitable for kids or adults (like me!) who want something different yet personal. Also, they make for great travel companions! 

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    Price: INR 999 - INR 1,599

      Available on LBB