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A Private Pool, An Indoor Fireplace and A Machaan: Amaranth at Alibaug is Unbelievably Gorgeous


    This property in Alibaug has a private pool, lovely stone walls, an indoor fireplace and a machan area!

    What Makes It Awesome

    We know recommending a trip to Alibaug is the easiest way out for many a crew which needs a weekend getaway, but we can't help that it's populated with gorgeous properties... Like Amaranth! This villa is a stunning colonial-style villa with a pool, lovely stone walls, and get this - an indoor fireplace! It's a 4-bedroom property with open, spacious balconies. We'd love to go here for a quiet, laidback trip with family, or close friends who'd like to take it easy. We're picturing rainy evenings/summer nights/winter mornings here, and we're pleased to report that it's super close to the beach, too!

    We saved the best for the last - it's got a machaan! While it's not a tree house per se, it's a beautiful and cozy spot to spend time with loved ones. Maybe even a great spot to chill in, post dinner!

    Priced at approximately INR 18,000 for 8 guests per night, we think this villa deserves to be booked the moment there's a semblance of a plan. 


    Just carry a lot of Odomos. That's all.