An Eclectic World Trip Jewel Box!

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What Makes It Awesome?

One Line Tagline: An eclectic world trip Jewel Box. SOBO has another party hot spot. This one is for the stylish ones who are searching for something truly over-the-top. Atria Mall’s new entrant Baraanaa is the frontrunner to offer a mystical retreat option.

The Ambience:
It’s glitzy and glamorous. The art deco-infused cocktail hotspot has a blazingly opulent and eclectic luxurious feel to it. There are options for a dance floor near the main bar, an elevated option for diners, Bar stool seating options, private enclosures and an oh-so-upbeat luxurious private dining area for a minimum billing cover charge.

The Menu:
Quixotically creative with a fusion touch, finely curated by Chef Rahul Kulkarni. The food menu takes you through an adventurous and experimentative food trip. Options have been closely chosen with the SOBO crowd in mind, especially the Jain community.

On the food front, I definitely found a submerged, low-on-the-spice flavour to most of the dishes.

The Cocktail Menu:
Well-researched, the menu boasts of 20 intricate, classic and signature cocktails from various countries around the globe. Expansive plans on taking the cocktail range further are on the anvil.

Over to the review (and yes, this time the cocktail highlights are in the last):

-Memna Cigars – creative with the chicken keema and crunchy cigar roll. Worth a try.
-Subz Biryani Potli – another nouveau creation. Found the biryani less aromatic despite being in a potli, though the rice was perfectly cooked. Quite a task to blend the three (biryani, veggies and the yummy yoghurt creation) in one scoop. Good attempt for sure.
-Patra Version 3.0 (non-veg) – Loved the flaky, crunchy exterior texture. Never imagined a Patra and chicken could blend so well. The chunda as a topping made it a bit too sweet. Spice levels again low.
-Goan Fish Curry With Sol Kadi Shot – If you sip just on the curry, you would find an extensive over-dose of ‘kokum’ and would almost feel that you wouldn’t sip more than two spoons. But blend it with the quinoa or the fried fish (served separately) and you would love it. The miniature cup with sol kadi is slurpy too. Innovative and surely will be a hit.

Unfortunately, Chota Kadaknath was missing on that day. Will surely come back to try just this one.

-Phirni Brulee – Loved it, worth going back for another one.
-Exotic Snowball – Exotic sorbet, served with perfection
-Molten Choco Cup – served with a twist, do try if you are a chocolate fan.

Finally the Cocktail Highlights:
-Wisconsin Spice old fashion (USA) – Extremely potent, this whiskey based cocktail is a true show-stopper!
-JokkMokk Kiss (Sweden) – Perfect drink for that perfect date. The romantic whiff will surely swoon, impress and make you (or your date) fall in love again. Must try.
-Yaun Yang Hooch (Hong Kong) – Being the Bailey crazy fan, this was reviving my old memories. The tea and coffee combination is subtle and perfectly mixed.
-Tokyo Thriller (Japan) – needs improvement.
-Brazillian Samba (Brazil) – Could have been a perfect drink if the icing is reduced. Good punching alcohol flavours seem to lose their kicking punch.
-Mexican Little Pamlo (Mexico) – another over-icing issue faced out here too. Flavours go for a toss.

Overall, Baraanaa surely has increased my curiosity quotient more to experiment with the elaborate food menu they have and not to mention the remaining untried cocktails. Despite the finer taste sensibilities not matching mine in some dishes, I loved the entire ‘worldly’ experience. Am sure the perfection to the curation will happen soon.

Service was pitch-perfect and smooth.

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