An Exclusive Evening Over Some Amazing Delicacies In Andheri!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ambiance: Classy, cozy with a wide range of sitting arrangements right from indoor to outdoor, from low tables to high tables from tables for 2 to large tables for groups. The mirror works, lights, chandeliers add spice to the vibes at Lord Of The Drinks.

Service: Prompt and friendly.
Food: We ordered,
•LOTD LIIT- Served in a tall glass this mix of tropical fruit, 5 spirits topped with the orange hole. This beverage is actually Lit. Every sip tantalizes different taste buds.

•Butter beer- Served a glass placed in a tiny cylinder. The vanilla vodka-beer-whiskey drink tasted pretty amazing.

• Sundowner- It tasted like a refreshing pineapple coriander drink. The taste just got better and better with every sip.

•Green lust- This drink reminded me of center fresh chocolate. The rich red color topped with blue banana foam made me wonder why its called the green lust. But who cares, when the drink is good.

•Fish and chips- Beautifully served in a plate with the chips forming the base and fish placed on top and a handful of colorful salad on the side. This dish is complete in itself.

• Mascarpone Murg malai tikka-Is a definite must try as per me. The melt in the mouth malai tikka served with mascarpone green chilli fondue is a star.

• Southern-fried prawns: Though the plating looked great. This dish was the only disappointment of the evening. The batter was delicious while the fish lacked flavouring. The bed of crispies they were placed on tasted odd.

• Pepperoni pizza- Unlike the regular pizza this comes as a square and each piece is a mini version of a pizza with an equal amount of cheese, pepperoni

• Milk pie- A little too heavy if you are are having it alone but its a dish you can't miss.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae