Egg Lovers, The Grub At AndaMental Will Make You Come Out Of Your Shell

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How much do you love eggs? Head to AndaMental in Andheri West, where the truly egg-tastic menu will satisfy your every eggy need.

Chow Down

Do you get frustrated by the fact that eggs are usually relegated to being breakfast items? Do you wish you could have them for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner?

At AndaMental, you can. Anda Maggi, anda curry, {Lucknowi, Makhni, Afghani, Marathi and more}, anda rice, anda rolls, and more – it’s a yolk-fest in here. And yes, they also serve plain boiled eggs. We liked the Turkish and Australian omelettes, the anda biryani and the anda ghotala.

Another must-try: the samosa curry. This is – believe it – samosas crushed into a veg curry.

Sip On

Mineral water, soft drinks, coffee and tea are your only options.

Anything Else?

It’s a small joint, that can accommodate around eight to ten people. No official parking provided, but it’s safe to park on the side of the road. No reservations required, and the staff is very polite. Roll your way there immediately.