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Why Anti-Gravity Yoga Is Our New Favourite Workout

Jayati posted on 15 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Aerial silks. Anti-gravity. If you, like me, are used to huffing along in the gym where I seem to feel the pull of gravity more than ever before, these terms can seem foreign. But turns out, they’re not. I decided to visit an aerial silk and anti-gravity yoga class in Khar this weekend to find out. Spoiler alert, I survived it only to write this tell-all tale, or a survivor’s guide, if you may.

What Even?

Aerial silk and anti-gravity yoga is yoga with a small but important difference – it’s done in mid-air. The silk sheets hanging off the ceiling in the Bandra studio I went to – the Tangerine Arts Studio – were meant to support my entire body weight as I suspended myself from the ceiling. Vaguely terrifying, but apparently a very effective workout. I’m scared but ready, which to be fair is my usual response to any sort of physical activity.

Baby I’m Free (Free Falling)

Nope, I’m definitely not in a John Mayer’s song, and these satin sheets hung from the ceiling do not qualify as a metaphor for my inability to commit myself to another human being. It’s just me, and the satin sheets, in the real world – anti-gravity and all too literally. Not even my previous night’s Wiki-marathon prepared me for it. Apparently, watching funny cat GIFs isn’t preparation enough.

After my initial warm-up session, our instructor, Manik Paul – an ex-India’s Got Talent contestant – helps me get my foot in the knots at the bottom of the silk sheet, from where I’m able to propel myself up.

As easy as it sounds, it wasn’t. I was wobbly, and definitely not my charming, composed self. I could feel all eyes on me. I mean what’s more fun than being under the spotlight of major embarrassments in front of strangers, and kick ass yogis? Definitely not me, mid-air, asking Manik to not let go off me.

But the more experienced members were encouraging. I was like a new kid on the block, and there they were, like proud mummies looking over and encouraging me.

Just Out There, Strengthening My Core

I’m onto the suspension, with Manik guiding me really well, giving instructions on how to stretch my leg and balance my hands all at the same time while I’m swinging on the cloth.  I lose my balance a few times – ouch – but I slowly get more creative, and am told that I’m very graceful {achievement of the day}.

Meanwhile, two women next to me are going all out, and doing literal asanas mid-air {bringing me back to my humble non-flexible self}. But hey, at least my first time wasn’t a total bust. We tried a lot of asanas for the next hour. Think spinning, arching – with a few dance moves thrown in for good measure.

However, by the end of it I could feel my muscles screaming from that entire excessive workout. In fact, even when I’m typing this out, I can feel my insides cursing me for not working out regularly.

Yay Or Nay?

Yay, with lots and lots of body pain, because for a person who hasn’t engaged in stretching, or yoga for over five months now, my body took a while to warm up. The instructors are super helpful, and will showcase their gorgeous arching skills in the air, which’ll give you major flexibility goals. It’s intense, soothing, and honestly, just a lot of fun. One of the women there told me she comes down all the way from Walkeshwar, rain or no rain, to attend this.
I’m sold, and I recommend this to anyone who’s willing to experiment a bit.


They only accept cash, so make sure you’re stacked with notes.

Timings: 12:30pm to 2pm, Every Saturday

Price: INR 700 per session, INR 2,600 for 4 classes in a month

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