Ten-Second Takeaway

AntiSOCIAL in Khar needs no introduction, and over the last few months, it has become the most preferred venue for gigs in the city.

What’s It About?

AntiSOCIAL is the basement area at the Khar Social outlet. It’s the perfect space to host poetry readings, workshops, pow wows, art exhibitions, musical evenings, design showcases, screenings and literary evenings.

But it’s the variety of musical performances for which it stands out. They entertain and program all kinds of genres of music – from techno, to metal, to hip hop, bass, new age and more. Over the last few months, they’ve programmed everything from Hip Hop Homeland, to Funk for MadBoy Mink, to Grime Riot Disco, Roots for Metal, Jazz with Louiz Bank’s Guitar Synergy, Alternative Rock with Skrat and Aswekeepsearching, Blues with Blackstrablues, Bassick Sense for Bass Music and so much more.

What works for this underground venue is that good sound and great programming are coupled with cheap booze and affordable entry fees. The fact that it’s fully air-conditioned is another bonus {remember the sweaty B-69 days?}.


Tell Me More

Gigs take place about four-five days a week on an average, however there are other events that are scheduled during the day as well. The venue is fully capable of hosting up to 300 people during their weekend gigs, and the number often goes up when there are big artists performing. But the fact that there’s a rotating crowd always, you will never get a sense of claustrophobia. The tickets are usually priced between INR 300 to INR 500, making it extremely affordable. The menu here is the same as the Social, so there’s enough and more for people to chow down and sip on.

So, We’re Saying…

AntiSocial is also popular for hosting comedy jams, poetry readings, movies screenings and more, thus, catering to everyone’s needs in one go. Go here for a chilled out evening with great food, booze and music.

Photos: Kaushik Thanekar