Don't Pluck. Go Preserve: Gift Your Loved Ones This Rose That Lasts A Year

What Did You Like?

A rose to greet you as you sit at your office table, each day for 365 days, felt like a dream just a while ago. But Champs Fleur has made this a reality by bringing in technology that preserves roses in its original form for a year. This rose is as real as one picked from your garden and is available in way more colours than you can find at the florist. They deliver single roses or a set of three in a tomb shaped glass which keeps it from getting dirty. Each box can be customised for the colour you want, so pick your favourites today and gift it to a loved one. You can find them on Instagram here: {@champsfleur} or WhatsApp them at 9100062811.

What Could Be Better?

Though there's already a range of gorgeous colours available, it would be great if they add more options.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under INR 500