Bored At Office? Six Quirky Jobs In Mumbai You Can Apply For Right Now

Nupur posted on 06 September


In a world where rows, columns and cursors rule the roost, there’s still hope. In case you are all about venturing out in the wild {real world} with your skills packed up neatly, take a look at these fun jobs.

Bartenders, Stewards And More For A New Restaurant

The people behind The Bombay Canteen are looking for an Assistant Manager, Floor Captain, Stewards, Bartenders and more for a new restaurant. The brand stands for good food, quirky brand language and high standards when it comes to service. If you think you fit the bill, send in your cover letter & CV to

Head Samosa Salesman, The Bohri Kitchen

Now this doesn’t actually require you to sell samosas on the streets {that’d be kinda cool too}. The Bohri Kitchen is looking for a Head of Marketing to look into their marketing plans, sales, PR and more. Okay, this one may include Excel sheets but hey, it’ll be all about food. The brand has been creating waves in the circuit and is considered to be the next big thing. You can send in your CV to

Head Chef And More For Sarah Todd's Mumbai Restaurant

Celebrity chef Sarah Todd is opening up a restaurant in Mumbai. They are looking for a Head Chef, Restaurant Manager and Wine Sommelier. Requirements include a minimum of 3 years’ experience and background in world cuisine. The chef already has Antares in Goa which is quite a dream with its location and food. Shoot a mail to to apply.

Servers For Cat Cafe Studio

Cat Café Studio has posted a requirement for cat-friendly, full time servers. A paid gig that requires you to serve food to guests in the company of cats {the dream, basically}, it has us rethinking our status quo. Skills you’ll need? A soft spot for cats and the ability to hold a tray. Also, you’ll need to be amiable and generally pleasant – which shouldn’t be so difficult, specially when you’re around cats. People interested can email their CVs at

Pantry & Guest Relations Assistant At Gostana

This is probably the funnest of them all. Why? Because you get to hang out with Gostana’s resident dog Zizou. You’ll learn to flip a burger, get to interact with guests and also be a part of the local music scene. You can turn up to work in casuals and yes, it’s a paid gig. The best part? You only have to go three days a week. Friday to Sunday from 3:30 pm till 11:30 pm is what you will spend here. You can call Arpana Gvalani on +918828157412 to apply.


Multiple Positions At Social

The eatery chain, part of the Impresario Group is looking to hire a Regional Marketing Manager, Junior Culture Manager and a Social Media Intern. You’ll need relevant experience for each of the positions. Now, wouldn’t it be fun working for the brand that is all about having fun, in the end?  Shoot your cover letters and CV to to apply.