This Andheri Store Provides The Best Food, Toys & Accessories For Your Four-Legged Friend

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What Makes It Awesome

Pet parents, and friends of pet parents in Andheri, have you been to Apsan's 4 Paws? If not, this is why you should check it out and pamper your furry best friends.

Apsan's 4 Paws is a cute and really well-stocked pet store in 7 Bungalows. It’s a huge space selling toys, bones, food and grooming products for our beloved pets. We came across flavoured tennis balls for the puppers that ranged from a peanut butter flavour to a mint. They had chewing toys for the teething puppies and other squeaky toys to keep them busy. It’s a well stocked pet store and the best thing is, they do home-delivery in Andheri West. Though the minimum for the home-delivery needs to be INR 400, once you’re a regular with them, they will deliver sans the minimum.

We also came across some really fun toys. We saw a hamburger toy (which squeaks), and lots of toys for when our puppers are teething. They had milky chew sticks, flavoured liver, wheat free chew sticks and more to feed the pets. They also had special dog food for underweight dogs, all reasonably priced.


It’s a good store to hoard on pet toys, and pick up new flavours of food for your pets. Also, it is right next to a Vet clinic so you’ll often find pet parents with their pawsome buddies.