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    Bare Walls? Get Unique Art Prints On This Website For As Less As INR 800

    Bhavika posted on 26 October

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Buy gorgeous, unique and affordable art online from website Art Nau Das, and yes, we are digging the pun too.

    Art You Can Take Home


    We discovered this website during our online travels, and found that it meets all our art requirements. They have categorised their website into various artworks and forms – paintings, photographs, prints, and their bespoke collection. Within these, the collections can be chosen from the type of art – abstract, realictic, digital art, contemporary. Usually buying art seems a massive investment, and an intimidating one at that, but here you can buy art as low at INR 800. Some of our favourite ones were under INR 5,000.

    You may also choose it according to the type of frame you would like it in {if any}, what surface type you’d like, and what the medium of art should be. Don’t be frightened, however, if art is new to you, you may just browse through and look at whatever catches your fancy, regardless of all these categorisations. Some of our most favourite works happened to be under the 8910 Bespoke category, so don't give that a miss.

    So, We’re Saying…


    Do up that empty wall in your house, and don’t necessarily break the clay bank for it. As for getting cultural, it’s as easy as art, nau, das.

    Photos source: Art Nau Das

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