Amateur Artists, This New Mumbai Community Will Pay You For Your Amazing Work

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Mumbai’s newest cultural initiative, Artists Anonymous is a space for artists to connect, chat and be renumerated for their hard work.

'Hi, My Name Is X and I'm An Artist'

Shruti Ghosh, a student and an spoken poet, recently started Artists Anonymous, to make a platform that brings together the art community of Mumbai. All artists, new and old, amateur and professional and from different form of art are welcome to join the group.

How does it work really? Well, there will be monthly meet ups of Artists Anonymous where the event will be broken up into two sections. The first, true to the inspiration of the name, will be a sit down session for artists to non-judgementally share and discuss their work, the challenges and euphoria that comes with it.

The second half would be a more performance-oriented section, where artists will perform – from spoken poetry to dance to a presentation of a visual artist’s work. Each event will be ticketed, and one of the main aim’s is to empower the artist by compensating them, which is often not the case for cultural events across the city.

How Can I Be Involved?

If you’re an artist, you can be a part of their performances and activities by signing up to be a ‘resident artist’. Others who would still like to be a part of the community but not perform, you can become a ‘resident friend’.

Another way to help is of course, attend the events, spread the word and even directly donate as little as INR 100 to the purpose.

So, We're Saying...

Recognition for artists rarely comes with remuneration, and it’s about time that changes. Check out their events by following them here.
Their first event is on Dec 22. Buy tickets here to be part of this lovely initiative.

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