Ditch Your Workout And Try Pilates, Bollybic And Contemporary Dance At This Fitness Studio In Sion

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What Makes It Awesome

Arts in Motion, a fitness and performing arts studio space is the answer to the needs of all those trying to keep fit in the area with a wide selection of classes.

It’s a really big and spacious space. A number of studios are included in this centre, and you’ll find dancing and workout classes going on simultaneously on most evenings.

Whether you like to sweat it out the classic way, or get fit via dance, they’ve got the options you need and could possibly want. Dance classes that can currently be taken at this branch are BollyBics. 


BollyBics: INR 600/session; INR 4,200/12 sessions a month; INR 10,500/36 Sessions in 3 months

Pilates: INR 800/session; INR 4,200/8 sessions a month


The changing rooms here are clean and spacious, so if you are coming here straight after work, changing won’t be an uncomfortable and annoying deal.