This Farm Stay Has More Than 740 Trees And Is All Things Eco-Friendly


    Lush green paddy fields, unpolluted air, and a clear azure sky - that's what Dahanu is. And we found you a farm stay there by the name of Arwa, that pays tribute to mother nature through the things it does. Read on to be awestruck. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    A two and a half hour drive takes you to the serene Chari village (near Dahanu) in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, and that's where the green ocean of Arwa Farm Stay is. Spread across seven acres of land, the property has over 740 varieties of trees, and four earthy brick-walled bedrooms. 

    What we like the most about the farm stay is its detailing. You look around the room and find old black switchboards that have been brought back to fashion, and black and white frames adorning the well-designed brick walls. The courtyard has colorful cane basket installments tied from one end to the other through trees. And the ambient lighting sets just the right mood for a Ghazal or two in the evenings. 

    The owners happily walk you through their farm, giving you insights on how organic food is grown and harvested. And the farm stay serves an organic thali for INR 400 (per person) that comprises all things local, and is prepared by the inhabitants of the village. From recycling water and using farm ash to scrub the dirt off dishes, to inculcating the habit of using chemical-free soaps and toothpaste, Arwa Farm Stay ensures that it encourages an eco-friendly atmosphere in Dahanu. You can book yourself one of their rooms, for INR 3,700 a night (inclusive of breakfast) or you can laze under the shady mango tree in the afternoons. In case you're worried about your four-legged pooches, bury the tension because Arwa itself has a lot of dogs, cats, cows, and hens, who happily co-exist. Your pet might just make new friends here. 

    As if the interiors of the rooms weren't enough, their initiative to bring about an eco-friendly change, welcome pets, and treat us to an organic platter, has won our hearts, and we'd totally recommend you to adapt their way of life for a weekend, at least. 


    Arwa Farm Stay does not charge anything for children under six years of age. Also, in case you want to do some sight-seeing, let the good folks at Arwa guide you to the weekly bazaar, where you can shop for local products.