What Is It?

Far away from the regular hustle of the city stands Avanti Kalagram, a peaceful eco-resort. Just a few hours from Mumbai, amidst the Sahyadris lushness and the soothing aura of the earth is this Mulshi resort beckoning us all to pack our bags and take a vacation.

How Do I Get There?

Nestled cosily in Kathardak approximately 160 kms away from Mumbai, we recommend a quick road trip. However, if you’re the one to take the railways, the closet station would be Chinchwad.

What’s So Unique About It?

Photo source: Avanti Kalagram

This beautiful eco-resort does not stop at just being an affordable getaway, it’s a cultural hub that showcases and engages with indigenous arts and crafts of the locals from the village. Started off by the Nalanda Prathistan Trust, one should think of this resort where one can enjoy the nature, cultural activities and at the same time promote the rural arts. It’s a unique concept in itself as it aims to provide the locals of the village with skills and employment.

The stay is really affordable. For an ac deluxe room one pays INR 2,900 upwards {for a couple}, or for a simple dormitory room you pay INR 1,500 per night.

Why Should I Go?

The resort keeps organising a lot of fun activities. Art and crafts workshops are conducted regularly as one can learn pottery or the traditional batik paintings. People seeking thrill and adventure, you can sign up for rappelling, zip lining across the valley or even go rafting for as low as INR 300.

You can also just stroll around the resort or go on treks around the gorgeous waterfalls {mainly during the monsoons}. In fact, we think it’s possible to make a daycation out of it. Just head there for a day of relaxing for INR 600 which will include your meals and the workshops.

Anything Else?

The flaura and the fauna of the village covering the entire hillside is a picturesque sight we don’t we’d get tired of at all. One can even drive up to the Mulshi lake which is just a two-hour car drive.

So, We’re Saying…

When in the mood for a soothing getaway, Avanti Kalagram makes for a fitting heaven. Though we recommend heading there during the monsoon, which is also their busiest time,  they do accept visitors all-year round.

#LBBTip: You can also buy the local handcrafted products at the resort, a memorabilia of kinds for the city life you’ll be getting back to.

To book your stay, go here.

Photos source: Avanti Kalagram