Pirate Dreams? Here's How You Can Learn To Sail In Mumbai Over The Weekends

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Have you always wanted to learn to sail and travel the waters? You still can at the Mumbai Sailing Club, by just giving two hours a weekend. Here’s how.

What Makes It Awesome

Well technically, there’s no row but let’s leave some creative leeway here. At the Mumbai Sailing Club, a prestigious and established sailing association, anybody over 15 years of age can learn to sail. They have three types of courses which you can avail: first is a simple ‘My First Sailing Experience’ course which is a 2-hour programme only. In this basics of boat regging, boat driving and sea awareness are touched upon. You get an international certificate, and this will cost you INR 4,000.

Next up, if you want to go more in-depth is a course in which 5 basic lessons of 2 hours each are taken. In this you will be taught regging, changing the boat’s direction, wind, about sailing safety and tides. This course is for INR 10,000, at the end of which you will be given a certificate from the Mumbai Sailing Club.

The still more serious of sailers can choose to go for the advanced course, which has 10 sessions of 2 hours each. You are also taught sailboat racing and passage planning in this.


At the Mumbai Sailing Club, classes are taken by ex-Olympic India coach, Rakesh Varadkar, and other ex-coaches, so be assured of the quality of training and safety. After completing a course, there are many fun things you can do – every Saturday, there is sailboat racing at the Mumbai harbour that you can take part in.

Furthermore, after a certain level, you can hire a boat and go on a ride {if you take a temporary membership from Mumbai Sailing Club, then for INR 1500 for 2 hours}. To sail up till sunset point and maximum till Mandwa {with 5 people in the sailboat + a compulsory boatman for safety}. To sail beyond that requires the permission of port authorities.