This 110-Year-Old Shop Near Crawford Market Has The Best Falooda In Town

Kalbadevi, Mumbai


Whether you’re on a shopping trail at Crawford Market or not, Badshah is a must-visit for their amazing falooda and sherbets.

Sip On

You know why we all love Badshah at Crawford Market so much? Because they make the most amazing faloodas, sherbets and fresh juices. This pure vegetarian joint has been around for over a hundred years, but their food isn’t what we go there for {its really nice but we love their cold drinks the most}. First up, when you’re there without a doubt order their amazingly delicious royal falooda {INR 80} which is a heavenly combination of milk, sev, sabja, red rose syrup and vanilla ice cream. And for that price, it’s a fabulous deal because it’s also very filling.

We also love their pakka mango sherbet {INR 105}, which is made with fresh mangoes during the season and an amazingly delicious mango concentrate otherwise. We’re quite fond of their Kashmiri soda {INR 60} too, but it’s not one that everybody may enjoy. When there, also have their fresh juices and milkshakes which will be really refreshing. The food there has always looked nice {we’re sure their veg pizza is quite good, actually}.

So, We're Saying...

When you’re in SoBo the next time, make sure you make a trip to Badshah. Value for money and deliciously amazing cold drinks will make you want to come back for more.

Kalbadevi, Mumbai