Rainbow Cake, Anyone? We Found Mumbai's Most Unique Baking Classes

Bhavika posted on 01 January

If you’re the type who loves desserts and ends up spending half their salary away on macarons and brownies, put your wallet away. You can make your own and learn from the best at these baking studios and classes in town. Make your own red velvet cake pop, and show it off at work {if there are any left, that is}. You can even get these baking kits home if you don’t want to buy ingredients.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Stop spending crazy sums of money on buying cheesecake, when you can make your own instead. The pastry chefs at Wisk, a full-fledged baking studio in South Mumbai, teach homemade cheesecakes with great recipes for different cheesecakes. This includes the mango cheesecake, lime cheesecake.

So what if you don’t get the ever-popular pumpkin spiced latte here? Celebrate the feeling of Halloween and all things October with a pumpkin cheesecake. The chefs will also teach you how to customise the basic cheesecake with different toppings, glazings as well as sauces so that you can create something new at home. This is a 4-long class.

Price: INR 5,520 for one session.

Check here for the class schedule and a list of other classes they hold.

Classes & Workshops

Wisk By Cakesmiths

2nd Floor, 60, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

Passion Fruit Macarons

Chances are that you have already eaten and loved the macarons at Le15 Café and Patisserie. Pooja Dhingra, the pastry chef and owner of the bakery takes classes and teaches these macarons to you too. The macarons taught are chocolate macarons, spiced macarons and passion fruit macarons. The process is taught from scratch, how to make the batter french-style, nozzle it, and bake it.

Since Pooja Dhingra is known to make the best macarons in the city, we suggest you go and learn from her. It will totally be worth it.

Price: INR 5,000 for one sessions

Check here to know more. The class takes place once a month so keep a look out and get your slot.

Classes & Workshops

Studio Fifteen

Shop 4, Rajgruha Co-Op Society, B Wing, BM Marg, Elphinstone West, Mumbai

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Rainbow Cake

Half the fun of baking is showing it off after you’ve put it the time and energy in the process. We found this really fun class that teaches you two unique desserts – a rainbow cake, which is a cake with seven-coloured layers of the rainbow in it. {Think of the possibilities, after the knowledge here you can make rainbow cupcakes too.}

The other thing you will learn is a red velvet cake pop, which is basically a ball of your fave red velvet in a cake. Can’t call this flavour pass anymore. This is a hands-on class where you will be making the goods while following your baking instructor. At the end you will emerge a warrior with a cake pop in one hand, and a slice of colour in the other. It lasts for three and a half hours.

Price: INR 1,999 for a session {but it could even be INR 1,799 if the number of people in a class are more}

#LBBTip: You can take this class any day you like, between 10am–5pm. Just book your session here in advance.

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    Apple Cinnamon Tarts

    We have always loved the idea of a proper English high-tea, complete with scones, a tea cosy, rows of finger sandwiches and tarts and to ask someone if they’d ‘like some cookies, please’. That dream becomes a little more achievable now that we know that The Gourmet Studio teaches one to make the tarts that go along with these. They teach how to make caramelised walnut tart, an apple cinnamon tart, fruit and praline cream flan, chocolate crunch tart, fresh strawberry glazed margarita tart and a spinach & corn quiche. It takes place between 2pm–6pm.

    Price: INR 3,500 per session

    Check their website here for this month’s schedule.

    Classes & Workshops

    Gourmet Studio

    25, Girdhar Niwas, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai


    Run by Le Cordon Bleu graduate, this is another French bakery and cooking option available for you. She does these fabulous madeleine and tea-time treat classes. Run in her kitchen in Bandra, this one’s for you if you want to leave a class not just with a handful of recipes, but with a new-found love for baking, ingredients and a desire to make more and more.

    Price: Approx INR 3,500

    Check her Facebook page to know more.

    Classes & Workshops

    Eighth Studio

    Mudheshwari Building, YMCA Road, Off Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

    Fresh Bread

    We love carbs, and have called our own bread baskets home many a time. This time, rise to the occasion and learn to make your own pita bread {and more} at cooking expert, writer and blogger Rushina Mehta’s APB Cook Studio. A variety of classes are offered there but we think that making and breaking your own bread is a skill that will come in handy some time. Learn to knead the perfect brioche bread, maybe something to put under your poached eggs for breakfast. Do keep a day aside for this as bread-making is a time-consuming, albeit rewarding process.

    Price: Starts at INR 2,500 per sessions

    Check their page here to know more about upcoming classes.

    Classes & Workshops

    APB Cook Studio

    Srishti Plaza, 301, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai