What Is It?

The Mount Mary  Fest is held annually in Bandra to mark the birth of Mary from Sep 11-Sep 18. It’s a bonanza of food and local culture, and that’s why we’re definitely stopping by.

Fondly called ‘Monti Fest’ – Mother Mary is worshiped at the church at this festival for nine days of Novenas. A grand feast happens on September 18 that marks the end of the week-long celebration every year.

Who Is It For?

The fest plays host to people from different cultural backgrounds that gather together to sing, pray and eat. If you’re into exploring food {think home-made pork sausages, coconut sweets, croissants, buns and burgers}, meeting new people or collecting souvenirs, Mount Mary fest is the place for you.

Why Should I Go For It?

We’ll go for the festive fervour. You’ll see all of Bandra excited about the fair – with posters, banners and fairy lights, people decked up to go to mass, and excited women setting up stalls selling home-made delicacies. It’s a cultural immersion of sorts, right from the beautiful walk towards the church to the pork burger you’ll end up gorging on. The food spread includes Mawa Pedha, home-made cakes {wine, Plum, walnut, dates and more}, guava cheese, fuggias, kadio bodia {a Goan dish made of sugar and flour}, sorpotel and vindaloo.

#LBBTip: To avoid the jam, use public transport and walk uphill towards the church. The stalls are spread across three roads – Mount Mary Road {Landmark: Mount Mary Steps}, St John Baptist Road {Landmark: Salt Water Cafe} and Rebello Road {Landmark: Bono Boutique Ice Cream}.

Where: Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra(West)

When: September 11-18

Contact: 022 26423152

Featured photo: Parikshit Rao