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A New Delivery Kitchen Is Serving Healthy Granola Bowls, Detox Juices At Affordable Prices


Did your new year start with a resolution of eating healthy that went down the drains because all healthy restaurants are expensive? Well, in that case, we have a good news for you. Bandra’s new delivery kitchen called Freshilicious is here to rescue you.

Tell Me More

Freshilicious is spilling all the beans on healthy eating so that you feel great after eating your meal. Their menu flaunts an attractive selection of salads, soups, juices, smoothies and granola with yummy addons. Try their matchstick salad with soy dressing {INR 180} or stir fried veggies with pasta {INR 200} and you won’t be disappointed. Tomato and cashew soup {INR 180} and pea & parsley soup {INR 150} is also top notch.

Don’t forget to try their liver detox juice {INR 150} made with beet, celery, mint and ginger or carotene shot {INR 180} made with carrot, melon, watermelon and spirulina. Smoothies like oatty apple {INR 200} and fibrous {INR 250} are also amazing. Their granola bowls are also kickass and a perfect way to start your day. Nothing beats the fatigue like a healthy, fresh and delicious first meal of the day.

Anything Else?

With an approach that promotes eating natural and seasonal whole foods, this delivery kitchen is in favour of a menu rich in plant-based ingredients that includes raw food options. The kitchen currently delivers in Bandra and Khar. You can place an order through their website or check them out on Swiggy or Uber Eats.

So, We’re Saying…

With the lifestyle we are leading consuming meals loaded with meats, cream, bread, butter and cheese, our health is getting affected more than you are estimating. Freshilicious doesn’t just offer a vegetarian respite, it provides tasty and organic salads to suit a range of dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten-free.