Anand Bhuvan Is Now AB's, And We Love Its Mutton And Cheap Booze

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Anand Bhuvan, now called AB’s is a cheap booze, great food heaven you’ve passed by but never visited.

Chow Down

A decade-old establishment that was a regular bar in the older days, Anand Bhuvan has revamped itself as AB’s and now boasts of good lighting, great food and cheap booze. To go with that pint of beer, they have a range of starters like chilli basil chicken {INR 300}, Thai Pattay chicken {INR 300}, crispy fried lotus root {INR 195}, sukhha mutton {INR 160}. They are known for everything mutton – from their ghee roast to tawa to rogan josh, you can order anything to satiate that craving for melt in your mouth meat.

They also have a delectable menu of sauces like flaming sauce, hunan, chilli oyster, ginger scallion, saapo sauce and celery wine among others. You can pair these sauces with chicken, basa, prawns or squid, with the price starting at INR 275.

Sip On

A standard IMFL drink {30 ml} will cost you anywhere between INR 70 to INR 410 depending on the brand. You can also chill with a pint of beer for INR 170.

So, We're Saying...

Whether it’s pre-gaming or an after-party scene, do count AB’s in if the eateries in Bandra are too full. Located bang on L.J. Road {near City Light cinema}, it’s easy to spot too.