Tired Of Shouting Over Music? Bars We Go To For Actual Conversation

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We love city bars for getting drinks with our mates. However, it’s rare to find bars and pubs where one can sit, drink but actually manage having a conversation – thanks to the obnoxiously loud music playing in the background. Do we not all hate it when a simple order has to be shouted in the ear of the waiter (making us lean weirdly close to them). Or when you’re out with a date – but you need to shout to them to ask their favourite Netflix show?

So if you’re someone who’s inching towards the mid- twenties, or someone who just want their drinks sans the DJ dropping some killer beats, check out these bars where you can sit back, relax and hear yourself speak.

The House

This beautiful pub in Versova is there for all the right reasons – to give us a gorgeous sea view and live gigs in a big colonial bungalow. With its inside and rooftop choices, The House lets us relish our dinners and drinks without stressing out our lungs for shouting. The music is perfect, in fact they organise a lot of live gigs on Fridays.

The decor is nice and very homely – with pillow cushions thrown in for a comfortable dining experience to the eclectic drawings on the walls and colourful tables and chairs.

Decibel Meter: 5/5 (throw away those noise-cancelling headphones)

Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn lets us do what not many pubs offer – work and chill. Already known for its selection of craft beers and burgers, Woodside’s playlist is fun but not too loud. You can hum along to the tunes of classic rock and early 2000s pop songs but it does’t overpower your hearing at all. The outside section has a minimal decor – like how the oubs ought to- and we love it for its chill not-so-loud music. Though on the weekends or on karaoke nights it can get loud, but be assured, at no point does it become a screaming competition over the DJs EDM playlist.

Decibel Meter: 3.5/5 (owing to the weekend evenings)

Marina Upper Deck

Survey the beautiful view of the Arabian sea and the boats and dinghies that are floating on the surface – with Cafe Marina’s rooftop view. Though only eight tables in total are up for grabs {for which we strongly recommend advance reservations}, Marina is where you go for some quality with your friends over drinks or take your date to impress them with the view {do book before please}. The non-sea view tables are just as decent, you can sit, order food and beers and enjoy the sea breeze. No hassle of loud music to interrupt your conversations, and so we are loving it.

Please Note: As it is an outdoor venue, we suggest you check for seasonal monsoon timings.

Decibel Meter: 4/5

The Daily Bar and Kitchen

The outdoor eating area is where we go chill with our friends. Daily does a killer selection of cocktails, and juices (if you’re into healthy drinking). They do often do live music and also have a fantastic brunch deal going on. Their set menu for INR 1,400 all inclusive for a five-course meal and at INR 2,100 all inclusive for food and unlimited alcohol which includes cocktails, sangrias and beer, are both to die for. So what are you waiting for? Go here to escape the loud head banging music of other bars and pubs.

Decibel Meter: Outside seating 3/5


A raging favourite among the Mumbaikars, Alfredo’s is the place to get your seafood that’s done right. The ambience is breezy and they also have an outdoor seating arrangement (there you go smokers). Come here to gorge on good food, enjoy a wonderful time with your company and you won’t once complain about the music that’s potentially going to harm your hearing ability.

Go for their pizzas, which it is widely popular for. Their chicken salami with mutton mince, Meat Potpourri Pizza is every meat eaters paradise. Some say once you go here, you become a customer for life (what do you think?).

Decibel Meter: 5/5


Doolallys – the Andheri branch – is not just your usual pet-friendly pub serving craft beers, but it also lets you actually engage in conversations with your company – thanks to the soft music in the background. Though the indoor section generally amps up the music volume, the outdoor seating is perfect. We can play board games, talk or order their house fries to munch on – with no one having to shout to the other person sitting just across the table from you. This with a bonus of occasionally getting to pet the pets that come here – ironically rising the levels of our voice.

Decibel Meter: Outdoor seating (4/5), Indoor seating (3/5)


Go for the view, the great food, the booze and of course, conversations. This rooftop bar at Intercontinental Hotel on Marine Drive is perfect for date night and celebratory dinners. A little heavy on the pocket, reserve this one for special nights. 

Please Note: Dome is an outdoor venue, we suggest you check before heading there during monsoons

Decibel Meter: Outdoor seating (3/5)

Olive Bar and Kitchen

This gorgeous lounge in Khar is perfect for that date night plan, that celebratory dinner party, or even when you wish to catch up with your lovely ladies after a long time! Head here in your finest to enjoy great food, booze and plenty of conversation. The prices are towards the higher side, so plan accordingly. 

Decibel Meter: (3/5)

The Little Easy

A cozy pub-like ambiance makes this a good choice when you’re in the mood to catch up with close ones over good booze and food. They host open mics and karaoke nights too, in case that is something that you’re interested in as the night progresses. The ambiance is spacious, and the deals on alcohol make the night out worth the money. 

Decibel Meter: (4/5)


This quiet bar in Colaba is perfect for a night out with your colleagues or a casual dinner date after work. Head here for cheap beer, good food and a quiet ambiance that lets you enjoy conversations without music interrupting your thoughts! 

Decibel Meter: (3/5)