Crowded Bar? A Mumbai Bartender's Guide To Getting Your Drink Fast

Arjun posted on 15 October

When it comes to preparing your drink on a busy night, patience is key. But there are a few things you can do to make the process a more fun and efficient one for both of us.

Maintain Eye Contact

Here’s the most important tip that most customers already know: maintaining eye contact is crucial. If I don’t catch your eye it’s not because I’m being rude. Make eye contact and smile. Politeness goes a long way.

Don’t Snap Your Fingers

Speaking of politeness, never ever be rude. Believe me, bartenders are trained to handle pushy and rude customers, and none of the training includes giving them their drink faster.
The bartender is ready to take your order when she / he says, ‘What can I get you?’ or something like that. There is no need to be rude, yell out your order, snap your fingers, throw napkins at the bartender and so on. It’s extremely discomforting and disrespectful.

Don’t Order A Margarita

If you’re in a rush, don’t ask for complicated drinks like a frozen Margarita. Ask for a shot or a straight drink, I can get that to you in ten seconds.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The best thing to say to a bartender is “Hey bartender, hit me with your signature drink/best shot”. All bartenders are on a mission to impress at the end of the day: knowing they have a customer who wants to challenge them and see their best will ensure that you not only get the best drink, but get it faster than everyone else.

Don’t Angle For The Best Spot

If the customer is at the bar, they don’t need to find a good ‘spot’. I see a lot of people jostling and trying to find the good place to get my attention. Chances are that the guy behind the bar has already seen you and is wrapping up previous orders.

The Tipping Point

Don’t tip. It doesn’t help and ends up making me feel a little uncomfortable. Having said that, customers can tip the bartender at the end of the experience if they enjoyed it.