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10 Gifts For The Dad Who Thinks He's The Best Bartender

Does your dad have a proud moment every time he successfully shakes up a super-simple cocktail with OTT panache? Is every member (of legal drinking age) made to try said cocktail and extoll its virtues? If this sounds familiar, then you should definitely add these products to cart.

A Complete Set

Cocktail Set By Bar World

If your dad loves all things in perfect symmetry and appreciates a well-curated collection of products, then the 5-Piece Cocktail Set from Barworld is a great gift. This one's a bit of a splurge but we love that you get a complete set.

What you get: 1 Twisted Spoon, 1 Boston Shaker,1 Jigger,1 Muddler, & 1 Strainer

Price: INR 5,070

A Perfect Pour

750ML Glass Decanter From Urban Dazzle

If dad appreciates his whiskey and takes pride in his collection, give him something beautiful to pour his favourite drink out of when you have guests. This 750-ml decanter by Luigi Bormioli is a stylish addition to any bar. 

What you get: 1 750ML Glass Decanter

Price: INR 1580

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Set It Down

Set Of 4 Coasters From Mason Home

If your dad is fussy AF about avoiding those nasty ring marks all over your nice tables, you might want to gift him this set of gorgeous coasters from Mason Home. Crafted with resin and edged in gold, these are stylish and perfect to slide on over the perfect drink on.

What you get: Set of 4 Coasters 

Price: INR 750

Stir It Up

Set of 6 Stirrers From Top Brass

A great bar accessory for when those tacky plastic stirrers just don't cut it. Made of pure brass, these stirrers are handmade and come in a set of 6. Inspired by nature, we love their elegant designs that are sure to add an extra oomph to the drinking experience.

What you get: Set of 6 8-inch Stirrers 

Price: INR 1250

Keep It Cool

1ltr Ice Bucket With Tongs & 6 Glasses

Drinks served at just the right temperature is a must for every great bartender! This ice bucket comes with a set of tongs and six glasses and is made of glass. It's a great addition to any bar top.

What you get: 1ltr Ice Bucket With Tongs & 6 Glasses

Price: INR 800

It's No Strain

Hawthorne Strainer From Barx

This professional Hawthorne strainer is a great addition to your bar tool kit. It's designed so that the coiled springs fit the mouth of your shaker or mixing glass and you avoid any extra bits from tumbling into the drink.

What you get: 1 Hawthorne Strainer

Price: INR 275

A Great (Conversation) Opener

Brass Bottle Opener From Indian Shelf

Is any aspiring bartender ever without a bottle opener? We think not! That's why we were super excited to find these brass bottle openers on Indian Shelf that come in a variety of designs from traditional to quirky. They've got everything from animal motifs to animal designs.

What you get: 1 Brass Bottle Opener

Price: INR 160

Daddy loves all things tech? Here's something he'll appreciate.

No Jigger(y) Pokery

Stainless Steel Double-Sided Jigger

A must-have in any barman's kit, the classic jigger comes in two sizes that are essential to crafting the perfect drink. This stainless steel jigger from Mosaic is double-sided and pours 30ml and 60ml shots.

What you get: 1 Stainless Steel Double-Sided Jigger

Price: INR 299

Worth The Muddle

Handcrafted Wooden Muddle

Another classic bar accessory that's a must-have in any tool kit, the muddler is precisely what you need to create a fabulous cocktail. This handcrafted wooden muddler from Favola is a superb addition and we love the classy finish too.

What you get: 1 Handcrafted Wooden Muddle

Price: INR 495

Mixing It Up

Mixing Glass By Urban Dazzle

While it may be tough to get your hands on the classic Yarai Mixing Glass (we tried), you can still get affordable substitutes that do the job well. This mixing glass from Vividi is a super addition to your bar if you're determined to craft a great cocktail. 

What you get: 1 Glass Mixing Glass

Price: INR 1380