Ten-Second Takeaway

The team behind seafood restaurant Bastian and bar One Street Over is launching another bar in the same vicinity – The Drunken Clam will launch on August 19 with a whole new menu and drinks selection.

What’s In Store

This team really seems to keep their commute time to a minimum. The new bar is being launched a floor above Bastian, making the building the perfect one-two hit for a fun night out.

The menu includes Viet Style Ceviche, which is poached shrimp and calamari marinated in Sriracha, lime juice, coriander and jalapeños served with a gluten-free tostada; KFC, which is Korean fried chicken with dry chillies and soya sauce gastrique, and Popcorn Shrimp, which is panko-fried butterflied jumbo shrimp with popcorn powder and barbeque aioli.


The drinks menu is something we’re definitely excited about, as long-time fans of the Kelvinator at One Street Over {a heady combination of Jameson, Campari and Martini Rosso}. The One Street Over bar consultant, Arijit Bose, has curated the barlist which includes an Earl Grey Tea Punch {Captain Morgan rum mixed with gin, lime, sugar and spiced Earl Grey tea} and a refreshing-sounding Pina Fria {Bacardi, castor sugar and fresh pineapple juice mixed with coconut water}.

So We’re Thinking…

We didn’t think it was possible to stuff another bar on Linking Road, but there you go. The Drunken Clam, if we have anything to go by from the owners’ previous ventures, is sure to offer a great dining and drinking experience. Though we will keep an eye on the tab, however.

Price: INR 450 upwards for a drink

Photos courtesy: The Drunken Clam