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Alcohol, Music & More: Everything You Need To Throw A Beach Party In Mandwa


    Set sail on a ship with your friends, and land at Mandwa to your own beach party, all with the help of the Gateway Sailing Club.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Gateway Sailing Club comes to the rescue. They help you organise awesome beach parties in Mandwa, including ferrying you back and forth from the location. After having arrived at the destination they arrange your overnight stay at the beach bungalow home stays owned by local residents there, set up a cosy bonfire and a DJ to keep the party ragin’. After the time limit, you can continue playing your own music. When it comes to the ever-important question: alcohol – you’ve got to carry your own from Mumbai as they don’t provide that here.

    The food arranged is homegrown food, mostly seafood by local fishermen, although vegetarian options exist too. The minimum number of people they require for such a party, however, is 20 people, and they charge INR 5,000 per individual. That does however include the cruise, food, music, water sports {kayaking, jet ski and more} and overnight stay so we think it’s a fair deal. Call them on +919987000004.


    House parties don’t have a patch on beach parties, if they are done right. Just call up these guys, and have a party to dance amongst the waves.