Get Your Loved Ones These Beautiful Hand-Painted Treasure From Trove

    What Makes It Awesome

    Trove India is a Hyderabad-based company that specializes in hand-painted products. Their concept is to make handmade merchandise that are traditional yet contemporary. These items are painted by rural artists, which is one way to preserve our heritage handicraft. Trove also has a beautiful collection of metalware including steel canisters, coffee filters, flasks, glasses, bottles, spice boxes, tiffin boxes, trunks, the costing of whose starts at INR 700. The entire collection is so vibrant and colourful with beautiful motifs, that it is definitely something one should buy to decorate their kitchen or for gifting purposes. These are not just pretty but super functional also. Their set of 3 canisters for keeping tea/coffee/biscuits is a must buy. Apart from steelware, they've also got elegant hand-painted home decor which reflects the same vibrancy and a dash of colours. Expect decor plates, gift boxes, tissue boxes and other functional decor pieces. #LBBTip: While they ship across India, there might be a delay in delivery owing to the current situation.