On A Cleansing Spree: Head To These Late Night Salons In The City

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For a working woman, it’s a boon to find parlors that stay open after work hours. To make life easier for us all, we’ve rounded up the beauty parlors that stay open beyond 7 PM. Bookmark them, and don’t skip your appointment. 

Enrich Salon

Enrich Salon is in multiple locations across Mumbai. They're hygienic, well-maintained and also affordable. They offer various salon services like waxing, spa, pedicure, manicure et all. For the people working late, you can step into any of the Enrich salons and pamper yourself.

#LBBTip: For waxing, however, we suggest dropping in by 8 PM latest. For regular upper lip and threading, they’re fine with coming in even five minutes prior to their closing time.

Closes At: 9 PM {in some locations it’s open till 9:30 PM}

Rewind, The Salon

Bandra is the central location for many in the working lot. And it makes perfect sense to go to Rewind. They offer all sorts of services here, from waxing to facials to hair coloring. If you're heading there post-work for a quick blow dry at 8:30 PM, then you're sorted. You can go there, without worrying out about it closing at 7 PM.

They provide budget-friendly haircuts for men, and stylish haircuts for women {hair wash and blow dry included}. Heads up, they take their last waxing appointment is at 8 PM. 

#LBBTip: We recommend asking for Mona, one of the beauticians there.

Closes At: 9:30 PM 

Juice Salon

Juice salon is possible one of the best salons in the city known for its getting an amazing haircut. If you were unaware, it’s open until 9 PM and in some locations {Pali Hill, Bandra} until 9:30 PM.

Apart from everything hair, they also do upper lip, threading and waxing. Though for waxing, their last appointment is 7:30 PM.

Closes At: 9 PM {9:30 PM in some locations}

Trendz Salon By Sana

Frequented by many Dadar residents and loyal customers, Trendz makes to the list because yes, it stays open until 9 PM.

It’s affordable yet luxurious and offers great hair treatments. They offer good haircuts under INR 1,000 and we suggest asking for Aayaz {who’s also the owner}. If you’re looking to get your bikini waxing done, especially the French peel off wax, you can get it done here.

Closes At: 9 PM

G's Beauty Studio

G’s Beauty Studio is a unisex salon in Pali Market, another win for Bandra folks. If you’re looking for post-work haircuts or just a hair wash to get rid of the holi colors, this is your go-to place. They're also good with waxing, just saying. 

Closes At: 9 PM