Beer For Breakfast? Only At Door No. 1 In Reclamation

    Bandra West, Mumbai


    The idea of beer for breakfast manifests with Door No.1’s latest offering – The Bandra Sunday Breakfast.

    What Is It?

    This treat-to-our-ears brekkie lets you have a choice of chilled beer, eggs, tofu bhurji, masala chorizo, bacon, brun maska or wafer per edu {Persian take on farsan and egg} and a lot more.

    Now when life throws an important question like ‘should I get another beer’? Choose wisely. You can either give in to a beery Sunday {which is awesome} or move on to a healthier option with their smoothies. There’s crunchy granola, milk and yogurt and others to be sipped on.

    Door No.1 also has vegan smoothies like the ‘Morning’- banana, spinach, curry leaves, sesame seeds and apple. To wake you up, there’s tea and coffee.

    So, We're Saying...

    Channel your inner Homer Simpson on a Sunday and in case it’s tough to make a choice, ask yourself ‘What would Homer do?’.

      Bandra West, Mumbai