Ten-Second Takeaway

The White Owl Brewery has upped the drinks and desserts combination to another level with their invention of the beer popsicle. Sounds crazy? Read on.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Having beer is no longer just an activity of chugging it down, alternately between being silly and dashing to the loo. You may now also slurp on it at the White Owl Brewery.

As part of their dessert section, this craft brewery in Lower Parel freezes their popular French apple cider beer with sugar solution, to make the popsicle. This is then served on a layer of butter cookie crumble to lend the savoury crunch.

It tastes like frozen sweet beer, which is what most beer-lovers seek. A stick comes at INR 195 {minus taxes}.

So, We’re Saying…

Boozy desserts give the extra kick which a regular drink can’t. Popsicle over pint? It’s got our vote.

Featured photo source: Pixabay