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Before & After: How Keto Diet Help This Guy Lose 60 Kilos In One Year

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How It All Started

Jaydeep Bhuta’s deteriorating health became a wake-up call for him to start focusing on his body and lose weight. He couldn’t stand beyond 10 minutes and started to wake up feeling tired every day. After deciding that something had to be done, he took up Biochemistry with an intention to apply it to his own lifestyle. That made him one of the first ‘Certified Cellular Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant’ to introduce keto as a concept.

What Is A Keto Diet?

A keto diet is a low-carb diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. When we eat something high in carbs, our body produces glucose {which is the easiest molecule for our body to convert and use as energy, so that it will be chosen over any other energy source} and insulin {which is produced to process the glucose in our bloodstream by taking it around the body}.

When our body doesn’t get to use glucose as a primary source of energy, our fats are not needed and are therefore stored {which doesn’t happen in a high carbohydrate diet}. By lowering the intake of carbs, the body is induced into a state known as ketosis, where we produce ketones by breaking down liver fat. That forces our body into a metabolic state {by starvation of carbohydrates, not starvation of calories}.

His Fitness Journey

Jaydeep touched the unbelievable target of losing 60 kilograms in one year by making keto the centre of his weight loss journey. He started with the help of noted scientists Dr. Eric Westman {Vice President of the American Obesity Council}, Dr. Stephen Phenney & Dr. Jeff Volek. He followed a strict keto diet and almost eliminated the use of carbohydrates from his system. The strict regime resulted in tremendous weight loss and a stronger body.

His Fitness Routine

Going against the common beliefs of doing cardio and other aerobic workouts to lose weight, Jaydeep gave more preference to weight training and strength training.

Cardio only spikes our metabolism till the time we do cardio. The moment we stop, even our metabolic rate comes back to normal. But, when we go and lift weights, our metabolism increases for a few days because our body burns a lot of energy to repair the muscle fibers which get damaged during the weight training session.

His routine exercises were:

1. Selecting and concentrating only on large muscle groups.
2. Doing weight training and cardio separately.
3. Doing lower reps and higher weights.
4. Giving enough rest and recovery for the muscles to repair the damage.

All his workouts were done at a Club called Juhu Gymkhana in Juhu near his home.

His Diet

Jaydeep believed in eliminating flours, sugars and starchier vegetables. He says that it is very easy to find a low carb friendly option in any restaurant if you look at the menu card carefully. Only South Indian cuisine was always an issue for me because all the options have rice in it.

He is also working with a few restaurants {like Estella, Silver Beach Cafe, Sirocco, Nom Nom} to make a low carb menu card for them.

His Future Plans

Jaydeep will soon be launching his own food company – ‘Low Carb Food Factory. He wants to come up with interesting ways of eating low carb food including pizzas, pasta, ice cream or even cakes. He plans to prepare low-carb delicious meals for those who want to enjoy a hearty meal now and then, without affecting their health.

Jaydeep also wants to bust the food & diet myths circulating around the web and guide people with one ideal way to be fit. He wants people to have the support and guidance he had when he decided to take on this journey. He has already helped some prominent faces like Smriti Irani & Zubin Irani, Ekta Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar etc.