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    Ten Things You Have To Know Before Heading To Comic Con This Week

    Abhijeet posted on 18 October

    For a lot of newbies who come to Comic Con for the first time, there's a lot that's unexpected. So we've put together a small list for easy navigation and a better experience of Comic Con. Go forth and geek!



    Yes, you need to book your passes for entry. Sure, you can probably get your hands on passes directly at the venue itself {if they aren't sold out yet, that is}, but the most convenient thing to do is to pre-book your passes through BookMyShow and just show up at the venue on D-Day to have a brisker entry process.


    Technically, comic con floor opens around 11am, and runs right through till around 7:30pm, Saturday and Sunday. But it's always advisable to come in early. There are stage sessions, comic launches, movie launches and tons of stalls which display and sell cool stuff. Pro tip - Sundays are more crowded, so pick your day accordingly.

    Must-Attend Sessions


    Photo source: Instagram (L) and Wikimedia Commons (R)

    This year, we have Cameron Stewart {the artist behind Batman Inc and Batgirl}, Edwin Huang {the artist behind Street Fighter comics} and Dan Goldman {the artist behind Priya's Shakti} and of course, Jim Beaver from the TV series Supernatural coming over this year. PS: I'm launching my new comic Fanboys on stage, as well as an interactive sketch session on stage. Don't miss those.

    Zones To Check Out


    So once in, you will be welcomed by a huge show floor, which will have various stalls and set ups. There are stalls for merchandise, collectibles, action figures and t-shirts, with great stuff up for sale! Do not miss the Indian Comics village section, which will feature independent Indian comic publishers and their titles.

    Further down you will come across the exhibitor stalls,which are a mix of artists, companies, studios, labels, publishers, etc. Do not miss the huge artist alley area, which is my personal favorite, since that's where you get to check out some great talents and their works on display and sale.

    Cosplay Galore


    Cosplay = Costume Play, ICYMI. You will see many cosplayers dressed up as their favorite superheroes, heroines, movie characters, mythological characters, etc. You can have a good time spotting some great cosplay happening and even get some nice pictures clicked.

    There's Food, Too

    You can always grab a quick snack at the food court, where there usually is a good selection of cuisines put together. Lines can get longer as the day progresses. My tip? Go early, order your stuff, carry the packed grub with you and then feast on it whenever hungry. Don;'t wait till lunch time.

    Carry A Bag


    You'll need the bag for all the loot you will buy, and a folder comes in handy when you buy those awesome art prints. Otherwise look for the free bags with certain passes that Comic Con gives away during booking.

    Cosplay Is Not Consent

    That's a statement you should hear loud and clear at Comic Con. In fact, one must realise this oneself that you cannot just go and treat cosplayers like as though they are there for your entertainment. Respect the cosplayers, and always ask them if they are okay with you clicking a picture with them.

    No Touching


    We tend to be quite 'touchy' when it comes to checking out stuff on sale and display. Not only is it annoying, it can actually lead to damage to your artworks or displayed works. So, as an exhibitor and an artist, I request everyone who reads this: please don't touch absolutely anything that catches your fancy.

    Don't Bother Haggling


    It is downright embarrassing for exhibitors when we are asked to 'give a discount' for something we sell for reasonable prices. It is art, we have made it and have displayed it. If you think it is worth buying, buy it. Otherwise don't. This is not a vegetable market.

    Cash Out

    Carry cash, or look for the ATM. Yes, they have an ATM at the venue itself. So, cheapskates cannot make an excuse that they're outta cash. We know one when we see one.

    Photo source: Comic Con India

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