Gyrotonics Gives You The Benefits Of Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dance & Gymnastics In One Go

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Gyrotonics is a new workout that combines the power of various workouts in one, and we found a place you can try it out at.

What Is It?

Cited as ‘yoga for dancers’, gyrotonics has two facets to it. The gyrokinesis method is a sequence of gyrokinesis exercises, practiced with the help of a mat and a chair. The other method is the gyrotonic method – use of specialised equipment aimed towards increasing the functional capacity of the entire body, in a harmonious way.  Developed by Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath of the Romanian State Opera, the exercise form is all the rage abroad. Both methods are based on the techniques used in swimming, dance, yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics. The workout form focuses on continuous, flowing movements, synchronised with corresponding breath patterns. If you want a rigorous regime to get you moving and only stretching or running just won’t do, opt for this.  Body Art Fitness Studio is one of the first fitness centres in the city to have introduced this method. You’ll have to shell out INR 4,250 for a month.

So, We're Saying...

While running may be great and yoga calming, this is for those who like to sweat it out. It combines several workout forms one will get the benefits of all, given that one will do it regularly.