Made In Mumbai: 9 Ceramic Brands To Look Out For In The City

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Every time I dine at a restaurant, I am more in awe of their beautiful spread of cutlery and crockery than the actual food on my plate. And if you're like me too, you must be having the strong urge to slyly steal a plate or two. But hey, don't do shady things when you can actually get restaurant-style cutlery sets at home, thanks to the lovely homegrown brands in the city that offer an elegant range of plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, and so much more to doll up your dining experience! 

Ordering cutlery sets online might be risky because they're delicate materials. I personally prefer buying mine from a physical store. If you resonate with my thought, then this piece might be useful to you because I've done some digging, and shortlisted some of the best ceramic brands in Mumbai for you. Give them a visit and get your favorite pick home! 

P.S: Some brands from the list also offer online delivery, in case you're unable to step out. They will make sure there's no breakage while they're at it. 

The Crockery Hut, Worli

If you’re a collector of crockery like I am, then you’ll be thrilled with this awesome find. The Crockery Hut, a bespoke crockery store located inside the prominent Atria Mall in Worli, has a beautiful collection of dinnerware and tableware, each with a story behind it.  With products that come from all over the world, their collection is diverse and unique.

USP: Food blogger special ceramic sets, dinner sets, snack bowls, and drinkware

Look Out For: Their gifting sets include tea infusers, sets of mugs, and more. 

Shell Out: INR 1,300 onward 

Rose Collection, Crawford Market

What can I even say about the Crawford market? There's nothing that you won't find here. But let's focus on how awesome Rose Collection in Crawford's Musafirkhana is. If you want pretty ceramic sets with intricate designs of them but at a super affordable range, this is your address. From designer dinner plates to tea kettles, wall plates to cup sets and coffee mugs, and even floral vases, you will get it all at this crockery heaven, and that too at wholesale prices. 

USP: Ceramic floral and ethnic bowls, glass fruit plates, cups and saucers, snacks, and dinner sets 

Look Out For: The Kehwa tea sets, serving trays, and the uber-cool boho-printed beer mugs

Shell Out: INR 400 to INR 2,000

Studio Pottery, Versova

Studio Pottery in Versova is a dreamland for those who like to stock up on good-looking crockery and ceramic pieces. While Studio Pottery supplies arty dinnerware, home decor and more to restaurants across the city, its studio setup called Mitty is where students from all over the city (and beyond) come together to learn the art of pottery. Looking for blue pottery ceramics? Then come here without fail! 

USP: Blue pottery ceramics, home decor products like vases, flower bowls, and figurines 

Look Out For: Blue pottery coffee mugs, tea sets, kettles, bowls, dinner plates, spice jars, and more. 

Shell Out: INR 800 to INR 3,000

Good Earth, Juhu & Lower Parel

When you think of bespoke and elegant ceramics, there's no one that does it better than Good Earth. Its luxurious and stylish crockery pays homage to the various crafts and traditions of India. Right from nature-inspired pasta plates, to floral dinner and wall plates, to table linens and fine silver cutlery, they've really got it all. 

USP: Oval platters, broth bowls, serving bowls, cake stands, palm jugs 

Look Out For: Their silver lama serving spoons with intricately crafted handles, the pasta plates and the floral bowls. 

Shell Out: INR 1,500 to INR 5,000

One Wheel Drive, Grant Road

Hoarder of all things sustainable? You're reading about the right thing then. One Wheel Drive in Grant Road is a pottery studio cum store that sells plastic-free and handmade stoneware ceramics, home décor pieces, and gorgeous tableware. No single piece/set here is replicated for the sake of production, and demand. All of them are unique and individually carved and created. I found a few eye-catching pieces (especially the cups) which had some interesting patterns carved on them.

USP: Beautiful rustic pots, cups, plates, coffee mugs, handpainted table coasters 

Look Out For: Their ceramic chopsticks, dragonfly-themed coffee/tea mugs, and hanging tea kettles 

Shell Out: INR 500 to INR 4,000

Chumbak, Khar

Love a little colour and funk on your dinner table? Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with Chumbak’s fun crockery. Now this one's a Bangalore-based brand, but it has stores and outlets in Mumbai too. Right from owl-themed mugs to super cute tropical plates, Chumbak’s crockery is perfect to add some quirks in your boring kitchen and dining space. 

USP: Dinner and wall plates with funky prints, curry bowls, platters, kettles, quirky mugs, and pitchers 

Look Out For: Their farmhouse cups, bowls and trays, spice jars, and more. 

Shell Out: INR 500 to INR 2,000

Pinklay, Bandra

From butler trays to beautiful ceramics, Pinklay, nestled in the quiet lanes of Bandra, makes your house look like a beautiful neighborhood cafe. Stitched, sewn, and created from scratch by hundreds of artisans, Pinklay believes in fair trade practices and a life full of colour.  

USP: Storage jars, large bowls, trays, and platters 

Look Out For: Their wooden salad bowls, triangle platters, ceramic jars, casseroles, and table linen. 

Shell Out: INR 1,500 to INR 5,000

Ellementry, Malad

Love luxe crockery, tableware, and decor? Then you will love Ellementry inside Malad's Infiniti Mall. They have shelf after shelf filled with stunning (and sustainable) crockery, cutlery, and serving ware, all made of fine ceramic. We’re head over heels for the classy Amber Love collection of crockery here, which features off-white and bright yellow-hued plates, cup sets, and bowls. We also adore the Aqua Rustic range, because it’s so reminiscent of blue pottery, and gives the feel of a more elegant take on it.

USP: Amber Love and Aqua Rustic collection of crockery 

Look Out For: Their carbon jars, serving bowls, bottle stoppers, minikins, breakfast plates, and condiment jars 

Shell Out: INR 350 to INR 3,000

The Home Store, Dadar

A hole-in-the-wall store, this one in Dadar is not really one that's famous for its ceramics as much as it is famous for its floral and geometric-printed copper matkas and flasks. You won't find ceramics here but you will definitely find kitchenware made of pure copper and brass- also something that more than half of India uses to eat food on. What caught our fancy was their painted and printed copper Matkas (and what is known as the Kulfi Matka, because it apparently looks like the shape of a Kulfi).

USP: Printed copper matkas and very cool copper and brass flasks that can be used while traveling. 

Look Out For: Super huge, and super small cauldrons, along with plates, bowls, and glasses in brass and copper here.

Shell Out: INR 300 to INR 2000